At Chloride Solutions, we have provided Dust Control and Ice Control on roads in various states and Canada.  Applied to parking lots, dirt roads, driveways, parks, horse arenas, fairgrounds and construction sites, Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine will control your dust! We offer our services to residential, governmental and commercial customers.


Our Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine can be applied directly to the area as a de-icing agent when there is a 1/2 inch or less of snow with great results.


2.3 tons of rock salt is equivalent to 1,000 gallons of Brine, meaning that less product is needed to achieve better results!


If you’re wondering where to buy liquid calcium chloride brine for dust control, we’re here for you! We offer Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine in varying quantities to meet the needs of both large and small customers, including:

Bulk loads from 4,400 gallons to 10,000 gallons

  • 275 gallon totes

  • 55 gallons drums

Bulk delivery and application is available to customers purchasing our Liquid Calcium Chloride Brine for dust control and Bulk delivery for Ice Control.


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High-performance ice melt improves efficiency and saves money


Removing or reducing ice on road, tracks, pathways and pavements is vital for winter safety. Although there are a variety of different ice melt options on the market, liquid calcium chloride brine is widely viewed as one of the most effective. When you use liquid calcium chloride brine ice melt for your roads and other exterior spaces, you can expect the following benefits:



  1. Relatively little liquid calcium chloride brine is needed to achieve successful ice melt in comparison with other de-icers. Not only does this mean that a single de-icing vehicle can cover a far greater area before needing to return to the depot in order to restock, it also means that the storage area required for a calcium chloride brine ice melt bulk order is relatively small.
  2. Liquid calcium chloride brine is a highly effective de-icer. Working in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, the solution forms an effective liquid interface between the road or pavement and the snow or ice. This enables fast, easy mechanical removal of the snow.
  3. The compound gets to work fast, ensuring ice and/or snow melts fast than would be the case if rock salt alone was used. This means that surfaces can be made safer more quickly than with a rock salt only option. It also means that clearance takes less time (and therefore costs less), than would be the case where ice or snow is more tightly bonded to the sub-strait.
  4. Long-lasting. Once liquid calcium chloride brine ice melt has been applied to a surface, it settles into the small cracks and pores on a road surface. This ensures that when calcium chloride brine is used to melt ice, it offers a protective action for some days ahead.


Excellent dust control: the cost-effective option


If you’re looking for calcium chloride brine dust control near you, our product is the perfect solution. The liquid calcium chloride brine we offer gives dust control to Michigan residents and those further afield find delivers exceptional results at the same time as being competitively priced. 


With public sector agencies under growing pressure to make budget savings, finding calcium chloride brine for road dust control that offers an economical option is always a priority.

Road dust control near me is cheaper when you use liquid calcium chloride brine because:

  • The compound retains its hygroscopic properties for a considerable period of time, providing lasting protection.

  • Calcium chloride brine is resistant to evaporation, enhancing its longevity. This is particularly important in long periods of hot weather, as it means that application need be less frequent than when an inferior material is used. Fewer applications results in reduced labour costs, which is always helpful.

  • Liquid calcium chloride brine can be used for gravel road dust control near you, as well as on paved surfaces, pedestrian paths and a range of other surfaces - its one-size-fits-all capabilities mean there’s no need to buy additional specialist dust control agents: liquid calcium chloride brine will control dust on almost any surface.


How does liquid calcium chloride brine work as a de-icer and dust control agent?


The following properties are why liquid calcium chloride brine makes such an effective dust control and ice melt compound:


  • Through the exothermic reaction which occurs when the calcium chloride brine comes into contact with the frozen water, the ice or snow is quickly melted. The melted water, in turn, dissolves the rock salt that’s used as a de-icer more quickly, further accelerating the melting action.

  • Calcium chloride brine is hygroscopic, which means it attracts moisture - this helps it to keep dust under control, as well as accelerating the melting action of salt on the ice and snow.

  • Calcium chloride brine melts at a much lower temperature than salt. This enables it to be used for ice melt in very low temperatures, where rock salt has little, if any, impact.


Liquid calcium chloride brine: the safer ice melt and dust control option


Although no ice melt or dust control agent is 100% safe, the risks they pose need to be balanced against the risks unsafe roads pose. Generally, liquid calcium chloride brine is one of the safer choices because:


  • Using calcium chloride brine means that less rock salt is needed to achieve a satisfactory ice melt.

  • The longevity of calcium chloride brine’s action means that a limited number of applications are necessary.

  • Calcium chloride brine can work in lower temperatures.

  • The compound has a relatively mild corrosive effect in comparison with other de-icers.

  • Liquid calcium chloride brine is straight-forward to apply in the minimum quantities necessary to ensure effectiveness. This has two major benefits: in the first instance, the level of chemicals entering the environment is kept as low as possible; secondly, because the level of liquid calcium chloride brine applied can be calibrated to ensure there is no over coverage, it’s possible to cover a large area with a relatively small amount of product.

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