Geomelts: a new generation of ice melt agents


For many years, rock salt with the addition of  a brine (typically liquid calcium chloride brine, but magnesium chloride and sodium chloride (traditional salt brine)), plus some form of abrasive agent, has been the combination of choice for effective de-icing. Whilst this mix of a chloride, rock salt and abrasion is undoubtedly effective, it also has a number of drawbacks: some of the main issues can be:


  • The de-icing solution doesn’t stick particularly well to the surface on which it’s applied. This makes it more likely to be distributed as spray onto vehicles. It also means that roads and other surfaces need to have de-icer applied more frequently in order to achieve a good level of consistent effect.
  • Chlorides have a corrosive effect: not only can they cause vehicles to corrode more quickly, ice melt compounds have also been found to exacerbate freeze thaw action in concrete and other road surfaces, particularly when these have been newly laid. This, in turn, creates a higher maintenance bill.
  • Rock salt and chloride brines can cause concentrations of chlorine-based compounds in  the area close to application. These can harm plants and wildlife.
  • de-icing agents are hazardous to workers: care needs to be taken when applying them. Members of the public who accidentally come into contact with snow melt (such as when a vehicle causes a spray), may also find that they suffer if the liquid touches their skin.
  • Traditional de-icer isn’t always from a sustainable source. With environmental awareness growing, commercial de-icing companies need to consider ways of reducing the negative impact which the procurement and application of ice melt products may have.

The use of Geomelt products goes a long way towards reducing these drawbacks, resulting in greener, safer and more effective ice melt control



What advantages does a Geomelt de-icer offer?


Geomelt 55 and other de-icers with an organic element offer several advantages over traditional ice melt options. Some of the key benefits of using a Geomelt de-icer include:

  • A compound which sticks to the road surface more readily. Made from plant matter such as sugar beet or soya beans, a Geomelt compound tends to be stickier than one which is purely mineral based. This means that an application of Geomelt will last longer than alternative options. It also means that the de-icer is more likely to stay on the ground, rather than be sprayed up onto vehicles and the immediate area surrounding the road.
  • A less corrosive compound. Organic Geomelt de-icers are kinder to the road surface and cause less damage to vehicles. Over time, using a Geomelt in preference to a traditional mix will usually result in reduced road maintenance bills.
  • Geomelts are made from sustainable plant matter. This has two significant advantages: firstly, the material from which they’re made is renewable, so there’s no danger of precious planet resources being depleted; secondly, plant material will naturally break down over time, with minimal (if any) negative environmental impact. Geomelts are therefore a great choice for contractors who want to operate in a more environmentally responsible manner.
  • Using Geomelt means that less rock salt can be used to achieve effective ice melt. Given the dis-benefits which salt can bring to the immediate environment, as well as the potential for further environmental issues when the salt is dissolved in run off, a Geomelt compound is an excellent option for planet-friendly use.

Geomelt 55


Geomelt 55 is an organic, sugar beet extract, patented by SNI and approved by the Pacific Northwest SnowFighters. It is a de-icing additive to treat salt stockpiles, or blended with various chloride brine solutions to anti-ice pavement, or pre-wet salt as it is being distributed on road surfaces. 


Used by an experienced operator, Geomelt 55 levels can be adjusted to ensure optimal distribution dependent on temperature, time of last application, snow conditions, road surface and related variables. A versatile compound, it is suitable for use on unsurfaced roads, pavements, parking lots and paved areas. Designed to reduce surface weathering, it’s also an economical choice for commercial use.


Geomelt 55 is trademark registered and has a freeze point below -30F, biodegradable, an organic inhibitor for salt and chloride brine solutions, and reduces salt usage for winter maintenance by up to 30%. The corrosion inhibitor reduces corrosivity by 70% compared to rock salt.


Geomelt 55 is manufactured and distributed by Chloride Solutions, Webberville, Michigan, 48892.

Geo Soy


Geo Soy (CB) is a blended soy bean extract solution with mineral calcium chloride well brine, offering corrosion inhibited properties (up to 70% compared to sodium chloride rock salt) and used as a de-icing liquid to anti-ice pavement or pre wet salt as it is being distributed on road surfaces.

Spray rates for anti-icing range from 50 to 60 gallons per lane mile or around 50 gallons per acre and 6 gallons per ton of rock salt for prewet operations.


Geo Soy (CB) has a freeze point below -25F, meaning it can be effectively used in severe weather conditions. In the same way as other organic, plant based carbohydrate ice melt products, Geo Soy has a significantly higher corrosion inhibitor value in comparison with traditional snowmelt compounds: with corrosion inhibitor values 70% compared to sodium chloride, and reduces salt usage for winter maintenance by up to 30%. Solution is golden to slightly brown in appearance with mild odor.

Geomelt S7


Geomelt S7 (NB) is a blended sugar beet extract solution with natural chloride mineral brine, patented by SNI and approved by the Pacific Northwest Snow Fighters as a de-icing liquid to anti-ice pavement or prewet salt as it is being distributed on road surfaces. Application rates are found on the Product Data Sheet.

Geomelt S7 (NB) is trademark registered and has a freeze point below -30F, with corrosion inhibitor values less than 70% than sodium chloride, and reduces salt usage for winter maintenance by up to 30%. High performance combines with economical application to create a product that is ideal for commercial use.

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